How do you find the perfect jeans?


When it comes to choosing perfect jeans, sometimes there’s just no real substitute for trying on several different pairs until you find the right one. However, there are a few tricks you can employ the next time you go shopping that might just assist in narrowing down your search. Now, we’re going to answer the age old question: how do you find the perfect jeans?

All about jeans


Our first piece of men’s style is a pair of blue jeans that are the most common of all the types of denim pants. They’re, well, straight. They don’t have a wide thigh gap but don’t really widen near the bottom either. All in all, these jeans go best with men who are the athletic type.


You’ve seen these puppies on punkers and rock stars all around the world, the skinny jean is an icon in and of itself. They stick to the body, contouring your quads, hammies and everything else. They’re extra snug in the thighs and get more and more narrow the lower you go. These jeans do not leave much to the imagination. We recommend these if you’ve got shorter legs or some legs you’d like to show off.


These pants are close to the skinny jeans, they’re just not as tight. They fit to your legs perfectly– not too tight, but not too loose either. They really are the Goldilocks of jeans– JUST right. Here’s the scoop: these are the best jeans for a man with a smaller or thinner build. Skinny guys, eat your heart out!

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Ride ’em, Cowboy! Think back to the days of the old west and thank your hogtyin’, whiskey drinkin’, bull ridin’ ancestors for this pair of jeans. They’re open at the bottom so that the men who built the west could accommodate their large boots. Hence the name– bootcut. Men who have a larger build, muscle men, these jeans are for you.


Ahhh… Picture yourself on a lazy river, birds chirping, the sun at a perfect temperature, not too dry, not too humid… this is what it feels like to wear the relaxed style of jeans. They have open thighs, open calves, they’re like throwing on a pair of denim sweat pants. Because of their comfortability, these things are versatile as heck– anyone can, and should, wear them.


Oh yeah, folks, we’re turning it loose. Well actually, we should probably reference rap and not rock here, because those are the kinds of people you’ll usually see wearing these loose jeans. With lots of access fabric, these jeans will either make you look like a genie or Eminem, so they’re usually recommended to men with a larger lower body.

How do you find the perfect jeans?

Now that you’ve determined your best part of denim pants, we can move forward with finding you those perfect jeans without even trying them on. First, you should probably already have a general idea of what size your waistline is. You can do what most people end up doing at some point in their lives to achieve this: go to stores and try some pants on.

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This process helps so that, in the future, whenever you need to buy jeans, you will have a good understanding of what works for you. What happens if you have a size that you like, but there are slight changes in the manufacturing process or design process that might make a size 36 men’s at one store actually a size 34 at another?

Well, here are 3 easy tricks that might help you the next time you go shopping.

Step 1: Using Your Arm For Size.

The trick is to take your elbow and hand, make a fist, then slide it into the top of the jeans with the clasp closed shut. If your elbow and hand fit with ease, then the jeans might be a good size for you. If your arm is too loose inside or too tight inside this gap, chances are that the jeans might not be the right fit.

Step 2: Measuring With Your Neck.

To do this, button up the jeans then use the waist to wrap them around your neck. If the material overlaps too much they might be too big for you. If the material doesn’t touch at all, then they might be too small.

Step 3: Measuring The Hips With Your Shoulders.

Another method you could employ in your search for the perfect pair of jeans is to measure the waist against your shoulders. If the waistline on the jeans is roughly the same as the length of your shoulders, it should fit pretty well. If it’s smaller or larger, this will probably indicate that the jeans will either be too loose or too tight. All in all these tips should assist you the next time you go to buy a pair of jeans, and quite possibly might even save you some time shopping!

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