How to choose color for winter coat look ELEGANT


We are going to talk about only about the colors. Why? Because there are so many colors to pick from. But I am really going to narrow it down for you, which one’s are the best and how to prioritize what colors to buy. We’re really going to boil down what’s the most important color to buy in a coat.

Black Coat

Then it’s very obvious that the first you should absolutely start with is the black coat. And it’s like the little black dress, the black pumps, the black purse. It works with everything! And it’s a staple piece and it’s a must-have piece in your wardrobe. It goes with everything, it’s so versatile. You’re going to have many uses from it. You can wear it over and over again and most likely, it’s never really going to expire on you.

Because on the contrary to the other types of colors that can easily expire and when I say expire, I mean perhaps they get ruined because it’s a white coat and then there is a stain that doesn’t go away, So okay, that coat has expired. There is no such thing as an expired black high-quality coat. These things ladies, they last forever! They can even go pass generations. I think also the black coat is definitely a must if you want to wear something chic at night. In the previous episode, I spoke about what type of coat you are going to buy depending on occasion.

Most of the times, if you are somebody who does sometimes go out in the evening, which most of us do whether it’s for dinner or out partying, or clubbing or networking events, whatever it is. We need a different coat for evening comparison to we need for day time. Because the evening coat has to be a little bit more formal and a little bit more stylish and sleek. And that’s when the black coat comes in because that’s a perfect evening coat. You can, of course, wear other colors as evening coats. I am not saying you cannot. I wear other colors at night so that was absolutely fine but what I am trying to say is, as a beginner as you first purchase, buy a black coat.

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You can wear it in daytime, you can wear it at night, you can wear it with the dress, with the gown, as long as it looks polished, it will work. Now enough about the black and boring coat. No, I am just teasing you. Black is not boring. I personally love the color black. But let’s talk about something that has a little bit more color. Because now once you have invested in your black coat, it’s time to spice things up a little bit.

But I want you to invest in a light-colored coat. And you have a little bit of different options here now. And I am going to present the light-colored coat that I think are a must for most women to buy.

Camel Coat

It is a must-have piece, you can have it in different variations. You can wear it at day time, you can also wear it at night. You can just simply use it with many different colors. You don’t have to necessarily wear it with something in camel. You can wear it with black, you can wear it with other colors, with white. Anything really goes with camel, believe it or not.

White Coat

Now the other light color is of course, white. White color is a staple piece, as much as black and camel is. It’s one of those colors that really does elevate our whole appearance. I would say it’s a great color to wear if you want to look a little bit more dressed up, maybe a little bit more formal. You can definitely wear it both day and night. I love wearing my white coat for instance, for casual day time occasion when I’m wearing my white sneakers, my white trousers. But because I’m wearing casual sneakers with casual trousers and I’m wearing a white coat, my outfit doesn’t look casual and dress down.

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On the contrary, I look quite dressed up, even though I wear sneakers. And that’s the kind of the little hug with white coats, with the color white in general. It just elevates your look to the point where you really don’t have to do much basically. You just wear it and you are good to go. Now ladies, I am talking about colors and colors are so important. You have to download my free cheatsheet, Classy Cheatsheet. It’s a cheat sheet that guides you on how to look expensive regardless on budget.

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Now, when it comes to earthy colors, you have to kind of have clothes that go in that kind of monochrome earthy tone or have clothes that are a little bit more in cashmere or wool type of materials for this to really be pulled off well. Because we want you to look like a Loro Piana outfit. We don’ t want you to look like you live in the forest type of thing. We want you to look elegant like countryside chic.

This really has to be executed well and I usually do not teach beginners this. But if you are somebody who has a little bit more flavor for fashion and you know how to appropriately combine colors, then definitely explore the avenue of earthy tone of gray and mix and match and make sure you match them well with the rest of your outfit. So now is the time to add a little bit of color. There is a reason why I don’t really push colors so much, especially in my beginner students.

It’s because it’s very hard as a beginner to properly color match and to pick colors that looks expensive. Because there are colors that look cheap and there are colors that look expensive.The color that I really would advise, even beginners to actually get is Dusty Pink or Pale Pink, something that is not too strong. Because when we’re talking strong colors, that’s when it’s starting to get a little more complicated.

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But dusty pink and pale pink, pastel pink, very good color because you are still kind of in the monochrome tone where it’s easy to mix and match and look expensive. But you are adding a little bit of flavor to the whole outfit. For me personally, I think as a blonde girl, it definitely suits me. But I think actually, pale pink suits everybody. But if you are ready to explore color on a deeper level, then you should definitely go for the bold colors. The classic one is of course, red. Red is a staple piece. I do recommend getting something red in your wardrobe because that does attract male attention, since it symbolizes passion subconsciously. You should also think about having a color that like I said, go well with your skin tone and hair color.

That kind of pops because oftentimes, let’s say in fall or winter, we tend to wear clothes that are very dark. I love wearing all black during the season to avoid being a bit too much in the darkness. It’s nice to add a bit of splash of color, something that just really dramatizes the whole look. Having a whole black outfit and wearing like this gorgeous colorful coat. It’s really going to lift your whole appearance. It can be a very strong bold color. Here you can really go all in, as long as you keep the background plain and simple. If you are advance when it comes to fashion style and then you can add other colors to it. But if you are not that advance, just add one color and stick to it and the rest can be kept black and then you ‘re good to go.

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